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Global Cyber-Attack (May 2017)

The malicious ransomware attack carried out internationally last week resulted in significant disruption and/or financial loss to many organisations, including the NHS.

The attack has further emphasised the need for businesses to maintain and enforce a robust IT security policy. The malicious ransomware attack gained access to business systems via an infected email attachment which was opened by users within the affected organisations. This is one of many ways malicious software can access systems, and such methods can be missed by antivirus software!

Having a custom security policy is the only way to plug the protection gaps that cannot be filled by antivirus software and other automated protection systems.

We are proud to have been supporting local businesses with their IT systems for the past 14 years.  We have the knowledge and expertise to help you protect your business as fully as possible from the type of cyber-crime carried out last week.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss your business IT security needs, we look forward to hearing from you.

For over 10 years we've been supporting local businesses with their IT requirements and have grown to include a comprehensive service portfolio, working towards our goal of being a one stop shop for business IT services and computer support.
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